“There are many reasons to celebrate the success of this creative, not only the amount of revenue  it unlocked from a new client, but also that because this was a Global 1st for an in-house design team to create the special builds which are an integral part of the OOH, along with audio, roadside, rail, bus digital & social.”


- Simon Forster -


Regional Creative Director

Global Media


Aico Home Safety

Formats:  OOH / Special Build / Digital / Social

Date: Aug' 2021

Aico home safety wanted their first out of home campaign to highlight new Scottish legislation concerning Fire alarms in the home and the correct placement of the alarms.


I worked on the concept from pitch to completion. The final artwork concept became a combination of an infographic, showing the required placement of alarms to meet the new legislation, and a story of family life, adopting the fire alarm as a hero, protecting them ‘Day and Night’ across social media, bus, rail, special build 3d billboards and roadside.




This campaign was the first fully multi-channel campaign delivered internally by Global media across digital, social, out of home and audio channels, which for me personally, was a great success and boosted to my reputation within Global media.

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