Global Creative Solutions Team Logo 2022

Formats:  Brand / Typography / Logo Design / Motion

Date: Jan' 2023

Created as part of a sonic logo for team branding, this design required some depth to create something representative of a team that spans multiple disciplines, skills and attributes.


The original Global typography and ā€œgā€ icon were designed using the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a mathematical expression of the Fibonacci sequence, which is seen in the formation petals of flowers or the spirals of sea shells - It is also found seen in the formation of our ears, our eyes and our finger prints.


The golden ratio is the thing that links what we hear (radio), see (out of home media) and feel (experiential media). I created the creative solutions typography using this method and animated it to build outwards from the pulse of an audio wave, so the end result reflects how we hear, how we see and how we feel and the creative products of Global Media. I enjoyed working on this project and exploring the ideas behind the logo. It was met with a lot of praise from Global's Creative Solutions department. The presentation I gave about the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio being found in the creation of nature, was perhaps the best presentation I had delivered in my career, so far.


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