Faces In The Crowd

Formats: Illustration Series

Date: 2006 - 2020

A collection of 200+ illustrations commissioned by the Youth Charter. The Faces in the Crowd have been illustrated to reflect, present and celebrate a culture of global citizens who have transcended their own identity of colour and adversity into the social justice of rights and opportunity of hope to all. The Faces in the Crowd are part of a wider celebration of citizens of the world who, by their selfless struggle and sacrifice, have given much in providing inspirational hope and aspirational achievement through their extraordinary feats.


The Faces in the Crowd have been featured at many high profile exhibitions and commissioned for a number of famous athletes and heroes of civil rights and the arts.




 Muhammed Ali: A portrait of Muhammed Ali was created and presented to him in 2006. Ten years later, on Muhammed Ali's death, I created an updated version in memory of the greatest of all time.

Liverpool City of Culture 2008: A selection of illustrations were exhibited at the launch event for Liverpool City Of Culture at Liverpool Cathedral, supported with an interactive online exhibition.


Nelson Mandela: A portrait of Mandela was created for his 93rd Birthday in 2013 to celebrate his achievements and the work undertaken by Mandela and the Youth Charter in using sports to improve lives in South Africa. Sadly, with Mandela's Death coming but days after, it also became the Youth Charters tribute to Mandela's life.

Lemn Sissay: A portrait of Lemn Sissay was presented to the Mancunian poet and writer, to celebrate the opening of a wing of the Chuck gallery, in his name in 2015.

Black History Month 2020: The Faces in the crowd have been a feature of Black History Month celebrations since 2007. However,  the last pieces were added to the Faces in the Crowd Collection in 2020 in the wake  of the death of George Floyd alongside BLM  and the Youth Charter's Black History Education pack.


The Faces in the Crowd is truly an epic collection of images which has had a global impact featuring in work delivered by the Youth Charter across the UK, Africa, The U.S and Europe, the results are hard to measure, but the resulting work spanning 14 years and remaining as relevant today as it was in it's conception in 2006, speaks for itself.


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