Formats:  OOH / Illustration

Date: Aug' 2023

Fish Said Fred, a brand under the New England Sea Food banner, wanted to create a disruptive piece of artwork in London to promote their Oven-Ready range of meals. The brand is fun, cheeky and centres around Fred the Fishmonger and the slogan “the answer's Fish said Fred".


CONCEPT 1: When we received the brief, The Kraken Rum company had just produced their iconic bus wraps, which featured giant tentacles wrapping up a bus and bursting through windows. The client referenced this design as inspiration. So my response was this tongue-in-cheek wrap design featuring Fred’s fishing boat, using the bus windows as portholes to create an element of interaction with the passengers on-board, being attacked by a Kraken style monster who is reaching for the Oven-Ready range in Fish Said Fred’s illustrated style of design.



CONCEPT 2: The second concept was inspired by the poster for the movie “Jaws”, showing Fred in his boat above a giant fish, with the quote “we’re going to need a bigger boat”. To tie in with the Oven-Ready range, a ready made recipe for quick dinners, I took inspiration for the famous Jaws music. Diiiin-Ner, Diiin-Ner, Diin-Ner, Din-Ner, Dinner, dinner dinner.



The final artwork was a fun fish-filled illustration, making use of a bank of brand illustrations which captured all the different types of fish, coordinated to the packaging colours and the story behind the Fish Said Fred brand. This wrap design secured another large campaign for a New England Sea Food brand, Leap Wild and was featured on Global's linkedin news feed.  According to UGov, the global public opinion and data company, the awareness of the Fish Said Fred brand increased nationwide from 2% to 5% and in the  London area, from 2% to 10% in just 2 months following this brief campaign.


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