Guy's Cancer Charity

Formats:  OOH / DOOH Campaign

Date: 2022 and 2023

Guy's Cancer Charity approached Global after having an awareness campaign delivered on social media by a digital agency. Guy's had some new brand guidelines created around a list of names and words which described patients and cancer care staff's experiences of cancer care.


We suggested a localised out of home campaign around Guy's and St Thomas's cancer hospital in London. We featured patients and NHS cancer staff names, their contributions and their cancer stories within the campaign and local to the area in which the adverts appeared. We felt that a local connection to the audience would drive donations and create an element of fame in the districts of London.  I described how I imagined someone saying to another upon seeing the campaign "That's our (insert name)'s daughter and her son! You know she used to go to school with your (insert name)...". We wanted the local community to feel proud of having hospitals such as St Thomas's in their district and know about the work they were undertaking to save lives.

The campaign looked great and we were certainly successful in driving awareness in the localised area. The communications director at Guy's Cancer Charity sent this feedback post campaign. "The campaign visuals have already gone down well internally here and since the 48sheet cross track went up last week of Rachel at Liverpool street the Guys Cancer NHS staff have already started to notice and there has been such positive feedback at a very senior level. Asking us about the next campaign already ( I need a holiday before that happens!). There is a definite feel-good vibe around the campaign with NHS Cancer staff who often don’t feel they’re work is recognised."


As a result, I was also asked to deliver the following campaign in 2023.


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