Formats: Animated video / OOH / Illustration

Date: Jan' 2023

The Help for Heroes charity had just launched a new set of brand guidelines and created The Veterans War OOH advertising campaign with an agency. Help For Heroes approached Global wanting to uplift their campaign with Radio and Social Media. Help For Heroes supplied some archive newspaper articles from the Sun and The Daily Mail which they also wanted to include. However, this poster was the only visual asset they had, which adhered to the new branding.


With this, I suggested that perhaps we might animate the text to tell the story.  I redrew the iconic images from the newspapers and found images of recent conflicts that illustrated the narrative in line with the new brand palette and fonts, to create an animated video to tell the story of The Veterans War. The following illustrations were added to the Help For Heroes brand asset library to shape the style of future campaigns.



The veterans war video was a big success on their social media channels racking up 180k of views in 6 months compared to around 1k of views of previous videos and more importantly, increasing awareness of the battles that veterans face post service.  The illustrations created continue to be used in Help for Heroes campaigns and I went on to deliver further campaigns for Help for Heroes in 2023.


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