Formats: Animated video / OOH / Illustration

Date: Jan' 2023

“How exciting can boilers get?”, I hear you ask.


For Intergas Boilers, I created 12 pieces of content, every month for 2 years! That is 288 posts themed on household boilers! - Although, it wasn’t ALL boilers.



The Intergas characters, were not my creation, I inherited a set of 6 static characters (top row), when I took on the social media design work at Global. When I started designing the content and animating the characters, due to the number of situations I would be required to put them in, I created numerous variants in regards to costume and pose, which often, I would design around the role the characters had assumed in the feel of the campaign. Steve was the straight laced but pleasant boss. Terri was efficient and organised. But Dave the engineer, became the unwitting star in most of the content.



I covered every imaginable theme, from product focuses, to the most obscure celebrations and public holidays, current TV shows and, of course, during 2020 - the national lock down. I wrote poems about boilers, I placed boilers in archive footage of space missions for April Fool’s day.

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