Steady Rollin'

Formats: Youtube Preroll / Animation / Parrallax / Social media

Date: March' 2020

Steady Rollin’ are a rock band from Sau Paulo, who wanted to promote to a UK audience using social media. However, the band had not yet visited the UK.


To target specific UK locations and audiences; I created an epic Youtube preroll for them where, through the magic of parallax animations, their latest track ‘I feel alive’ would appear on billboards, posters and projected on to famous landmarks in UK cities and venues.



Unfortunately Steady Rollin's tour of the UK was cancelled due to COVID, but their engagement with UK audiences was achieved through this work on their social media channels, alongside interviews with the band about the UK rock and Roll influences and features on Global Radio stations. I still really like this campaign and the look and feel of the motion work I produced.


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