The View From The Shard

Formats: Animated Infographic / Instant Experience / Social Campaign

Date: June 2019

The view from the shard stretches 40 miles, all the way to Windsor Castle. Being responsible for delivering their social media content design each month, based on this fact alone, was easy.


There was ample stunning imagery and time-lapse footage to post, each day.


However, during my work on this campaign, I discovered many other wonderful facts and statistics about The Shard.



I illustrated these statistics and created into a 4x4 grid, of animated infographics using Facebook Instant experience, where the user could scroll through some fun facts and statistic about each level of the Shard.



Outside of the performance of this ad, which generated 10,000+ clicks from instagram alone through to The View From The Shard's booking page; the concept of an interactive infographic presented as an instant experience was unique at the time and something I haven't seen since.


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